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What is OSB?

OSB - lap-lemez termékek

The Hungarian name of this wood-based product comes from the initials of the English words Oriented Strand Board. In course of its production the surface of the chip wood of controlled sizes is covered with artificial resin-based glue; having created three mutually perpendicular strands the final boards are developed by means of heat pressing.
In everyday life OSB means OSB 3 boards, but the producers also make OSB 2 and OSB 4 boards. While the first one is for indoor use, the second is suitable for application in more humid environment.

The characteristic board size is 2500*1250 mm, while the common commercial thicknesses are 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 18 and 22 mm. It is also available in tongued and groved design, in board sizes 2500*625/675.

What are the advantages of the OSB boards?

They can be easily cut to the required size, and due to their strength features and much better water resistance they are the most frequently used wood-based panel products of the construction industry. Because of its aesthetic appearance OSB became a raw material for use in interior design in the past years. Nowadays it is the most important structural element of light structured family houses, displacing the natural and cement-bonded particle board being dominant so far.


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