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Wood preservation, that is treatment with fungicides and insecticides!

Favédelem - gombamentesítés - rovar mentesítés

Our partners ask more often treatment with fungicides and insecticides in the field of wood preservation. We can solve this task with the method of dipping. Bochemit Antiflash wood preserving material is used for dipping, and we can also issue a certificate of the process of dipping. The Bochemit Antiflash is a concentrate for preventive fungal and insecticide timber preservation. It can be diluted with water. It is suitable to treatment of wood and wood interior materials used in the construction of buildings. This kind of preparation should not be used in areas where the treated wood may be in direct contact with skin, drinking water, food, feed, children's furniture and toys.



What you have to know about kiln drying

There are two vacuum drying chambers at our Csepel site, suitable for receiving altogether 40 m3 of wood. These chambers are suitable for kilm drying of each domestic and exotic species. Due to the fact that the costs of kiln drying depend on several factors (wood species, thickness of the material, stacking, initial humidity etc.) we always give individual offer for our Partners. You can get further details from our colleagues.

Heat treatment in the wood industry

Hőkezelés fára

Our company is having the licence issued by the regionally competitive Plant and Soil Protection Service, needed for heat treatment of wooden materials used in the packing industry since 2012. Why is heat treatment necessary? The raw wood materials used in the packing industry may contain insects, fungi, guinea worms and several other infectious pests. By the method of keeping the inside of the wood at minimum 56 C for at least 30 minutes (as instructed by standard ISPM 15) it can be guaranteed that the wood will be free of these pests. The wooden packing materials may be traded after certified heat treatment.

We issue the „Supplier’s heat treatment conformity statement” of the heat treatment in each case, which includes the name of the company which performed the heat treatment, its registration number, the species and the quantity of the heat treated wood, the duration and temperature of the heat treatment. We stamp our so called ISPM logo in each heat treated material, if required.

You can get further information from our colleagues.

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