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1211 Budapest,
Szikratávíró str. 5

Fir timber in carpenter’s qualityFűrészáru

We offer for our joinery partners unedged pine, edged spruce and redwood products in wide assortment, usually kiln dried. Because we have capacity for kiln drying in vacuum chamber we can ensure the humidity level, as per the individual demands and in very short period of time.

Our fir assortment of joinery grade:

  • From pine
  • edged and unedged plank and board, length 4 m
  • From spruce
  • edged plank and board, length 4 m
  • Circular saw cut, kiln dried, spruce roof battens and small quares
  • normal (23*48 mm) and Bramac (28*48 mm), length 4 m
  • 48x48  4 m long small quares

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