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The individual coniferous species can be distinguished on the basis of the existence or lack of heartwood, colour of the wood, and of the existence or lack of resin ducts in macroscopic way. Outstanding economic importance of coniferous is granted by their easy processability, favourable strength characteristics and flexibility.


Lucfenyő tulajdonságai

Spruce is one of the species used most frequently and in most ways. As compared to other coniferous species the figure of spruce is less decorative; however it is one of the most important basic materials of the furniture industry. In addition it is the favourite coniferous species of interior- (wooden panelling, doors and windows) and exterior design, as well as crate industry and packing industry. Spruce is also the important basic material of the manufacture of different board and panel products. (solid wood panels, fibreboard, chipboard etc.).




 Fir can be used almost for the same purposes as spruce. In course of mechanical processing fibre tearing are frequent in case of fir, therefore it is less suitable for manufacturing doors, windows and floor coating than spruce.



Borovi fenyő tulajdonságai

Pine is a native and most common coniferous species in our country. Because of ifs decorative figure it is the favourite species of interior design and furniture production. Due to its durability and strength it is the most important wood of external wall covering boards production. Pine is often used in joinery industry (doors, windows), too. In addition, its good saturability makes it suitable for using as cable poles, and it is used for producing pallets and crates in large volumes.



 It is widely used where durability and strength are of great importance. Larch is used for producing different wood structures, cable poles, fences and garden facilities. Due to the decorative figure of the larch it is a valuable furniture wood. (also in the form of plywood and solid wood).


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