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1211 Budapest,
Szikratávíró str. 5

Dear Visitors!

A few sentences about our timber yard...

Our company was founded in 2010 and it is trading with the products of the wood industry. Your purchases are facilitated and made pleasant by the flexible and customer-friendly 

approach of our keen team.

The products of our assortment are of excellent quality and we try to keep our prices at low level. Our colleagues are in the possession of several decades of experience in wood working. Much money, time and energy can be saved by asking for their opinion and advice in relation with our products and their use.

Our assortment includes

  • hardwood and softwood timber, (e.g. acacia, oak, alder, beech, steamed beech, ash, hornbeam, edged and unedged timber)
  • OSB boards,
  • debarked acacia, polished poles, pointed or not, (see photo gallery)
  • pointed, crowned marking poles from oak and acacia (see photo gallery)
  • We endeavour to meet also short deadlines and special demands, e.g. steamed beech of thickness 80mm.
  • Fatelep

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